About Me

I'm a work-from-home mom and live with my hubby, my son and my pet cat.  This blog is my Sewing Journal.

My passion is all about sewing, so:

I sew clothes and run my business from home.  

The clothes that I make are normally personalized with details.  I bead when my customers want it.

I appreciate Sulam (Embroidery) Cabut Sarawak very much.  The Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu that I make are normally embroidered with Sulam Cabut for my online clients also for my regular customers.

I love smocking very much.  I self-learn smocking from my favourite magazines and smock my own designs for my clients.  It's a passion.  I have a blogshop showcasing my smocking designs.

I dress my Barbie dolls.  I'm not really an avid collector but I just love sewing clothes and dresses for them.  I just love sewing clothes even for the miniatures!

I may enjoy cross stitch sometimes.

So, in short, I make clothes for dolls and people!  :)