The Moon Princess

I made these for my client, Izuan.  :-)  He's a big fan of moon princess.  Although I've made many clothes for dolls, to be honest, this is the first time I create something for moon princesses, which means, I had to do all from the beginning.  

The sketches
The process of making/sewing a doll's clothes:
1.  measuring, using only tiny rope rather than a measuring tape. 
2.  pattern drafting, on a drawing block.  
3.  tracing the pattern, using a tracing paper.
4.  this first pattern is transferred to a medium weight stabilizer for fitting process.
5.  fitting process, in this stage alteration is done.
6.  template making, using a fabric marker, the pattern is then transferred on a thick paper.
7.  using the ready template, the fabric is then used for making the dress.
8.  sewing.
9.  adding details. e.g beading, trimming etc.

Making a doll clothes involves machine and hand stitching.  The obstacle I was facing is how to make those tiny and really tiny sleeves. 

The dresses without sleeves 
Moon princesses ~ child and adult size
Organza ribbon for sashes
White glass pearl detail
A pearl bracelet to match

"wHeN tHe mOon diSapPeaRs, dArknEsS wILL sUreLy cOnQueR."