Simple Dresses for Aisyah

Let's see what mama has sewn for baby Aisyah...

Hand embroidered by Mama

Kewpie for Aisyah

This dress is come with bonnet
A simple sleeveless dress c/w bloomers and bonnet

Aunt Rimba's visit to Bintulu. 

You can see Alif's happy face
Alif with his cousins
Can you spot baby Aisyah? :-)
Mama and her sister, Aunty Rimba

Cousins with my their Maksu


Dda Ly said...

owhh saya jeles dengan aisyah sebab semua dress die cantik2..:) :)

Erpha Ahdayani. said...

tq dda Ly...masa ni jek, nanti bila mama dah busy jait baju alamatnya tak tejait la bj dia hihihi...