Anak Mama

Aisyah Camellia Jeffery
Born 05 February 2012 (12 Rabiul Awal 1433) @ 1.12am
Weighs 3.12kg

She's wearing her baby wear all made by mama :-)


Thank You! :-)

I'm so happy I've finally received my diaper bag (plus other stuff too!), lovingly and meticulously made by my crafty friend, Rozi Rahman (see her creativity HERE).  

This is French Journal Collection by Michael Miller which I really love!  :-)

And guess what?  I received these too! :-)
It's a keychain for Alif, a wonderful key fob with matching diaper bag fabric for Mr. Jeffery and even designer fabby baby bib and pacifier clip for my baby girl!  All handcrafted by Rozi! Wow! Thanks Rozi! 

So there's something for everybody... How about Mr DodoRecently he hasn't been too well and had to stay with his vet for treatment.  It's sad days for us but alhamdulillah he has recovered now...
Dodo, when he was still well
Here's Dodo now, losing so much weight.  This specially custom made sweater is also handknitted by Rozi Rahman.  Only quality cotton yarn is used. Dodo wore his sweater for the first time last night :-) 

I appreciate handmade so much and happy that I'm surrounded by family and friends who not only understand my passion, but also are so very talented.  I will keep supporting handmade because it's a proof of love, creativity and patience!