Fabrics for my baby

I saw these beautiful panels by Michael Miller some time ago, love them so much but didn't buy them until I'm pregnant of a baby girl... :-)  I'm so lucky as D'amani Cotton was willing to help me to get them.


This is my interpretation of what my baby should have for her bedding ~ just simple white cotton sheet with little embroidery rather than those loud colours and vivid motifs...
My hubby will custom make her mattress and pillows while I'll do the sewing.  As for her Fairies baby quilt, I'll leave to Anita to make one for her :-)

And not forgetting something special for my beloved son, Alif Harriz, also a Fairies quilt in Periwinkle to match with his baby sister... :-)  He just can't wait to see her! :-)

I hope it will be in time for me to make all her necessities.  December is the last month for me to finish all orders by my dear customers.  I just want to create something beautiful for her with peace of mind without having to worry about pending orders.  And to show my syukur to Allah, I'll be making not only for her; I've planned to give my handmade away to relatives, close friends and the needy.  

May God bless us all.  Thank you Allah for answering my prayer (it was such a short notice, but you've answered me so promptly!).