Couple Sulam Cabut


I made this for a loving couple who celebrate their anniversary in May...

Mdm M says she came to know about Sulam Cabut few years ago when her husband was posted in Sarawak for the first time.  Now, still living in Sarawak, they have collected quite a few patterns embellished on their traditional Baju Kurungs and Baju Melayu and they just love this needle art dearly.

Happy Anniversary!  May happiness and love be with you both! :-)

At the moment, I'm occupied with Raya orders but I'll try my best to post more from time to time, next will be Sulam Cabut on Baju Kurung Pesak Gantung, another couple Sulam Cabut and more!  :-)


Baju Melayu Kanak-kanak Bersulam Cabut

Dear all...

This is yet another long-delayed Baju Melayu for my son, finally done! :-)

Fullview.  I skipped the Sulam on the pockets

Simple neckline finishing echoing the Sulam

The sleeves
Alif chan.  :-)  Inventing a 'phone' using a can, just before Iqra' lesson  

When you have an almost 7 year-old boy, you'll tend to find all your kitchen supplies / groceries missing.  There's one time when I found out my jar of cooking oil layered with water underneath, reason being, he just wanted to know which is lighter!  All this stuff with lemon and bicarbonate powder etc... And with wooden crane lifting the keys... Anyway, I still love him!

Till then, have a great day! :-)