Knitted Shirt for My Son ~ Alif Harriz


This is a superb handknitted raglan shirt done by my very talented bloggerfriend, Rozi Rahman :-) Let's see Alif wearing it!

~ About Alif ~
Alif Harriz is a clever boy
who also loves all his toys
He's loved by all girls and friends
and nicknamed 'buah' by his parents
Sometimes he can be so naughty
Always he's such a sweety... :-)
Play and study he'd always do
with papa, mama and cat brother Dodo
and at night before bed he'd always pray
May papa, mama and Dodo always stay! :-)

This is behind the scene; when Dodo just wish he had a new shirt too!

Till then, bye! :-)


Handbound Book For Me! :-)


I was so excited when I received this specially custom made handbound sketching book this week!  :-)  Well, this is one of the ways (other than Silkstone Barbie) how I reward myself to all my passion with smocking, sewing and embroidery.  

As Ahmad, the designer of this wonderful book is so talented in papercraft work.  She made this based on my request; the colours I want, the quilling and all.  Visit her blog
and you will find all beautiful quilling work which I wish I could learn.

These handcrafted paper roses look big here but in reality they are so tiny, so intricate and meticulously done.  The book is neatly completed and bound.  Now I can sketch my smocking dresses with style... :-)

Next time, I will feature here the knitted raglan shirt specially for my only child, Alif Harriz, also done by blogger friend, the talented Rozi. 

Till we meet again, bye! :-)