Sulam Cabut Updates

Salam semua...

Rasanya dah agak lama tak blogging... maklum saja Erpha buat masa ni masih lagi sibuk menyiapkan tempahan baju-baju pelanggan... Tapi Erpha suka juga nak kongsikan projek yang dah siap... yang lain belum sempat lagi nak ambik gambar... harap pembaca tak jemu berkunjung ke blog Erpha yang seadanya ini... :)

Warna dark purple tu kontras dengan benang sulam yang Erpha gunakan tapi matching dengan kain, nampak dramatik kan? 

Untuk projek yang akan datang, Erpha akan ketengahkan sejenis sulam Cabut yang belum pernah lagi Erpha kongsikan di dalam blog ni... 

Sampai jumpa lagi... :)


Pyjamas, Baju Melayu and a Six-year-old Boy: Alif Harriz

Salam to all...

This post is dedicated to my son, Alif Harriz who celebrates his 6th birthday this week...

Six years back, the first clothes he wore when he was born was made by his mama and since then, Alif receives more handmades from mama...  It's trial and error but Alif still wear it happily!  :)

Even these tiny Baju Melayu with hand-embroidered bugs and sulam Cabut on the sleeves.

Each pair will always be personalised with unique embroidery.  Some are inspired by his favourite teddybear ~ Abang Howard.  And when he grow older, he requested his favourite warrior ~ Ultraman Cosmos!!!

And yesterday, mama received a package from May May Shop and let's see what's inside...

Whoa! So kawaii!  Surely mama will make another pyjamas for him!  Alif just loves vehicles! Thanks May!  There's little gifts for me too!  :) 

Happy Birthday son!  :)

Nice Photos! :)

Happy weekends to all...

Here are some photos of my client that we can share together.  Thanks to the very talented photographer, Mr. Muhammad for tagging me some of the beautiful photos.  For more photos you may check his blog out here

Nice!  :)

Selamat Pengantin Baru.. Semoga Bahagia ke Akhir Hayat... Amin.