Newlook 6688 Sundress ~ Size 2 - 3 years

Salam to all...
Just before I start yet another tempahan baju (which is due the following week), let me chill out for a while and destress myself by doing some... sewing... :)

I bought the Newlook pattern from Pianina I think a month ago. After pasting all the pieces into one giant piece, I used a piece of tracing paper and traced then cut only the pattern I plan to do this time; and keep the mastercopy (in case I want to use it again next time). 

As this is only experimental, I used 1mtr of polyester polka dot fabric and also some white fabric for its lining.

Finished with my sewing, let's see the end-product:

I used 1" ribbon for the strap as in the instruction but used narrower ribbon for the bows.

Check out the interior:

Supposed I need to use some net ruffles (tulle) but due to the shortage, I simply made like a tiered skirt to form the skirt lining.

It's fully lined.  I use thin fabric as lining.   

And see where the zipper is attached.  It's a 7" zipper.

After finishing the project, tips that I can give is, you might want to neaten both the skirt and the lining side seam before sewing if you want it neatly done from inside out. Other than attaching the zipper, it should be okay for the beginner to try this pattern out.

I'm thinking of giving this dress away... anybody wants this?  Do email me at erphaahdayani@yahoo.com  .  You'll get this sundress if you're the 10th emailer and a follower of this blog and My Blogshop .  Thank you!

Good luck! :)