My big sister is  pregnant now and as usual, aunt Erpha will make something for her niece...  So Chomel is in the making and I'll make some more for my blogshop as bishops are perfect gifts for newborn babies... :)

For those who are passionate about dressing up their children in beautiful smocked dresses, do visit my newly open shop!  Custom order is available!  See you there!

Bye! :)


My Project Room

It's been awhile since I blogged...

Actually I was busy with packing, moving and unpacking things and it takes some time for me to be physically and mentally ready to start sewing again... So, I pleated some cloth (quite a few actually) and did the cutting before moving, smock while moving (machines are packed!) and sew right away after moving (and the house is still not tidied yet!).    Still, my team (hubby, son and I) managed to celebrate my 33rd birthday last Monday (12.04.10). :)

I'd like to share with my dearest bloggers my new project room:

The room is not big, just nice for me and my sewing things.   I've been using the grey bookshelf to store my fabric, and the small vertical cabinet is to store my DMC threads.  I use that blue cabinet to keep my clients' paper patterns.  The windows have no curtains yet, what colour should I use?  I also plan to paint this room, but still wonder about the colour... any suggestion?

Ok... This is the cutting area...  There's a bookshelf for my books which are mostly about sewing and smocking magazines... I've never bought or changed other bookshelf since 10 years ago.  The long and steady cutting table is actually an unwanted item which I got from a workshop!  Look pretty ugly (no cutting mat) but it's been with me for 7 years now..  :).  I keep my beading stuff, pleater, notions and supplies in the drawers.  Underneath there's baskets full of cloth belongs to my clients. And there's a steam iron coz I could get lazy sometimes to iron on the ironing board while I sew... I have to ask my hubby to put that 'notice board' on first, just so I can keep track my schedule (and my life!:))

And you must wonder where I place my sewing machine... It's just at the corner next to the door.  I always make sure that I can see the entrance without having to turn my head looking at the back whenever I work.  It's for fengshui (and my sanity too.. :)). And the windows?  It's so I can check whether Alif Harriz is doing his homework... :)

My blogshop is going to open some time next week... I'd love to thank my team members: my hubby at handstitch dept for helping me with all the handstitching work (his work is so neat!), my son for being a great helper whenever I need his help particularly when I need someone to hold the fabric for me while I cut and not forgetting  Dodo, the family cat... it's only four of us now but we will manage! :)

I'd love to thank my dearest little sister a.k.a mak usu for letting me using her room while she's doing her final year.  Thanks a lot!  :)

Do drop by my blogshop starting next week!  Bye!