From Borneo Tropical Rainforest with Love...

My family and I, together with my little sis (mak usu) made a trip to Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort during CNY holiday last month. Trying to find some inspirations through nature, my target this time is to learn how nature and colours combine with each other... it could be wild flora, insects, fauna etc...

The entrance:

The tour:

Polka dots:

Cross stitch:

Antique gold lace:

Shiny black stranded rayon:

Pistil stitch for the stamens:

This plant has inspired me to use red fabric for my smocking project:

It was such an educational trip.  Leaving Miri for Bintulu next month, it will be a sweet memory for me, hubby and our only child Alif, not forgetting my little sis Farah (busy mastering her skill in photography).  Lately, I've been going through difficult times and trying to cheer myself up again.  Let's just hope there'll be silver linings among the clouds.    

To all crafters, friends and bloggers, may happiness, peace, good health, love and kindness be with you all.