Take a Break ~ Have Some Fun with Barbie

Still busy with the baju raya... need some rest to destress and refresh... Why not having some fun with my Barbie... Let's see what they have in their wardrobe...

This is her first cotton shirtdress. It's 100% handstitched with matching black daisy trimming details around the neck and the belt.
This collared jacket with a matching pleated skirt was made from a newly bought checked handkerchief which belongs to my hubby. The rolled hem made my stitching a lot easier so I didn't have to neaten the edges. The challenge is always joining the sleevecap to the armhole.
I match this ensemble with a knitted sweatshirt which was made from baby socks! Cool... :) I name this style 'Schoolgirl'.

This 2-piece dress is a simple empire-cut summer collection with purple bead straps to adorn. I love the ruffled skirt and this dress fits her well.
This sexy halter-neck top made from black satin is meticulously handsewn and embellished with beads and sequins. The matching pants are also beaded. I got dangling earrings in a craftshop and turned it into chic belt for her. Looks like she is ready for a girl's night out!
It's been a while since I made something for them... There's lots of beautiful ramnents waiting for me to stitch more clothes but I just couldn't find time anymore... how sad... :(
Next time: I'll show you their handmade wardrobe made of paper box, with tiny handmade hangers (they need them) and a comfy couch ~ all done by supportive hubby. Till then, happy stitching!