Sewing Time Out

Recently completed a beaded wedding baju, I have this habit doing simple things (but still sewing) before moving to yet another big project...

Here, I show this cute embroidered handbag (not so good when come to monogram) dedicated to my big sis... She wants this bag to keep all her stationery.

Few months back...
Initially, she saw my smocked and beaded small handbag and wanted one too... She requested an embroidery instead with red blood (or almost withering rose?) rose garland.

For you, kak.


Erpha Update

Hello hello...
It's almost mid of June and that means I'll be very busy with the tempahan Baju Raya...
Anyway, Erpha sedang menyiapkan beberapa pasang baju Melayu dan baju Kurung bersulam Cabut Sarawak.. Nak tau apa itu Cabut Sarawak? Tunggu...

Untuk release tension, here's a pix of a smocked baby dress. The dress is a gift for a celebrity's daughter.

Happy selalu.. :)


Pix of My Dolls...

Disney in silvery evening gown, complete with a matching wrap. There's beading and sequins detail with the hair undone. He..he..

This empire cut doll gown is made from silver satin dan finished with embroidered tulle (perca kain baju pengantin, he2..) and lavender ribbon.

Wedding bell for Disney! White 6-piece princess cut satin is highlighted with white daisy trimmings. Look even more gorgeous when teamed with tulle veil.

Simply alluring Sidney in a wedding gown adorned with mother-of-pearls. Simple yet sweet.

This lady in Medieval era wears this gown walking by the beach on a hot summer day...hmmm...

Simply fabulous in this gypsy dress with ribbon detail.


Forever a Passion

This is my version of The Barefoot Cinderella adapted from AS&E Issue 51. This 3-year-old bishop dress was done when I moved back to my hometown this year. As a lefthander, it was not easy to make those bullion roses, following the instructions for a righthander. Alhamdulillah there's some guide for lefthanders in AS&E Issue 61.

It took me quite some time to finish smocking Serenity from AS&E Issue 78- my favourite smocking pattern originally designed by Marian Sitko of AS&E. Each time I start making it (I have done a couple of times), I raced to finish all the embroidery just wanting to see the outcome and vowed not to make this pattern again (so much to complete). But then after some time, I somehow want to make it again just because remembering of the past.

Ada Apa Pada Serenity?

Serenity was first done when I was in the most painful healing process. Only 2 weeks after I underwent an operation, I started sewing with my sewing machine. The stitches on my tummy were opened and I had no choice but to rest. Seeing this, hubby bought my first Australian Smocking & Embroidery (AS&E) magazine, hoping that I could still do things that I love while resting. Not knowing the complexity level, I chose Serenity as my first project.

The idea of learning about smocking has turned out to be so therapeutic for me and because of zero knowledge in smocking, I started buying a number of A - Z books for a crash course and later become important tools in my self-teaching.

That A - Z of Bullions is belongs to Godeng.

Later, my Barbie has her very own smocked gown and when I made another one for my friend's daughther, she was so thrilled and happy. I was of course, very proud and happy too... :)

My Barbie, Audrey in her smocked gown...

My first sampler and a magazine that means so much to me.

The AS&E issues I have...

The rare issues I have. My son Alif Harriz, making his own issue every day. :)


Beautiful Embroidered Apron ~ Any Girl Would Love to Have This!

This outstanding monogrammed apron, lavishly adorned with beautiful embroidery was done by my little brother, fondly called Godeng by me and hubby.
So one day he called, and asked if I could help him with the sewing of the apron. He bought two shades of the American cotton for a fully lined apron. It took a few days for him to plan and design, and finish the embroidery before sending it to me for the sewing. I got inspired by the sundress design in AS&E magazine for the ruffles detail.
A brief info about the embroiderer:
- He survives in the jungle, and knows about Forestry, that's what he learned in the uni.
- Has a heart of gold - and only his closest people know.
- Taking after bapak (Freelance Surveyor), a tough guy in the field.
- Also a lefthander, like me! :)