Cross Stitch Complete!

April next month will be our Dodo's first anniversary...
The cross stitch version

The pic

Darling SIL, Rozmaria has helped me doing the cross stitch version. :-)   Thanks so much dear!  The chart is done by Yati & Stitch.  Thanks Yati! :-)


My Valued Customer


Terima kasih di atas sokongan anda selama ini.  Jika ada sebarang pertanyaan boleh la email atau sms kepada saya ya! :-)


The Moon Princess

I made these for my client, Izuan.  :-)  He's a big fan of moon princess.  Although I've made many clothes for dolls, to be honest, this is the first time I create something for moon princesses, which means, I had to do all from the beginning.  

The sketches
The process of making/sewing a doll's clothes:
1.  measuring, using only tiny rope rather than a measuring tape. 
2.  pattern drafting, on a drawing block.  
3.  tracing the pattern, using a tracing paper.
4.  this first pattern is transferred to a medium weight stabilizer for fitting process.
5.  fitting process, in this stage alteration is done.
6.  template making, using a fabric marker, the pattern is then transferred on a thick paper.
7.  using the ready template, the fabric is then used for making the dress.
8.  sewing.
9.  adding details. e.g beading, trimming etc.

Making a doll clothes involves machine and hand stitching.  The obstacle I was facing is how to make those tiny and really tiny sleeves. 

The dresses without sleeves 
Moon princesses ~ child and adult size
Organza ribbon for sashes
White glass pearl detail
A pearl bracelet to match

"wHeN tHe mOon diSapPeaRs, dArknEsS wILL sUreLy cOnQueR."


Simple Dresses for Aisyah

Let's see what mama has sewn for baby Aisyah...

Hand embroidered by Mama

Kewpie for Aisyah

This dress is come with bonnet
A simple sleeveless dress c/w bloomers and bonnet

Aunt Rimba's visit to Bintulu. 

You can see Alif's happy face
Alif with his cousins
Can you spot baby Aisyah? :-)
Mama and her sister, Aunty Rimba

Cousins with my their Maksu


Baby Quilt for Aisyah

Love the colour, love the design.  Thanks Anita! :-)


Dodo, Get Well Soon

We've assumed Dodo dead when he left us on 29 March 2012... After I posted my entry yesterday, I just couldn't stop myself from crying and crying till my hubby decided to look for him.  We've been waiting for him to come home as he needed treatment. 

The night before, when everyone was asleep, I googled about dying cats that run away and read some suggested that I should look for him in the woods, in the backyard, or under the bed and so did my hubby.  It just took a few minutes when I heard my hubby calling my name, seeing him holding Dodo whom I thought had already died.  But I saw his beaded eyes looking at me.  My hubby found him in the backyard, not far from the woods.   Yesterday was the day when I cried and cried again seeing him still alive.  We rushed to his vet.

The vet says he won't stay long... He was given vitamins to fight with his liver infection.  Dodo couldn't walk, drink or eat.  We use syringe to feed him with milk and raw egg as advised by his vet.  Last night, just like before, I'm so grateful that we still have the chance to sleep with him.  We put him in his basket but as usual, he'd climb up our bed and sleep at my feet, just that this time he woke us up since he's too weak to climb up.  I thank Allah that I still have the chance to feel his warm coat. :-(

Midnight we gave him habbatussauda mixture as our last option treating him.  I told him that if he had to go, leave happily and peacefully and I promise I will not cry anymore.  

This morning, we found him still alive and heard his voice.  

Dodo has become anorexic.  I prefer not to show him in full for his dignity.
Thank you Dodo for being so loyal, and if you really have to go, we should let you go.  And when it's time to go, remember that we love you.  Thank you Allah. 


Goodbye, Dodo

Due to illness, our cat of 8 years, Kelabu a.k.a Dodo has peacefully left us on 29 March 2012.

Dodo, rest in peace.  Remember your promise.  We love you.

You'll be sadly missed.  We love you.

From us:  Tuan, Puan, Alif and Aisyah.